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Preferences: Barista for Coffee Roast, mainly drinking espresso and pourover. I try to take a sommelier type approach to coffee, and generally know how varietals/regions should taste (but also like being surprised!)

Gear: Lucca Spaziale A53 Chemex Coffee Maker Alessia Moka Pot Hario v60 - Ceramic at home, plastic on the road



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  • Colombia Como La Flor Resident Coffee Roasters
    Flag of United States Gainesville, Florida


    Leaderboard Season 14 blind tasting.

    On the grind, a fruit jammy aroma (Polaner's tropical?) and a hint of wine. From the first sip, it was clear that this was something specialfruity and floral, even more than a gesha.

    I had a feeling it was a coferment, and I was right. The flavors were very bright, with distinct notes of strawberry and lemonade adding a refreshing brightness. There was also a hint of lychee, which added a unique, sweet dimension, but not overwhelming.

    I got heavy lavender note (not rose which was in the co-ferment) - this was pretty strong and tied in with a bit of funkiness. This is a really fun coffee that tastes different at each temprature.

    Great to find out it was Resident, a roaster that's barely put a foot wrong in my multiple experiences with them.

    Cupping Method:I made 2 batches on Hario v60 - 196F, 18:1 ratio (20g/360g).

    Rated: 5.00
    1 week ago · See more
  • Ecuador Geisha NX Coffea Circulor
    Flag of Norway Arendal


    I don't know what is going on here, but for but this a pretty incredible expression of gesha. It has a massive berry mid-palate, and a sort of cantoloupe-sih funk. The finish is nutty and more melon. It's very flavorful, complex, and yet approachable at the same time.

    Cupping Method:I had just a small sample (8g and change) but made it 17:1 at 196F on a v60.

    Rated: 5.00
    1 week ago · See more
  • Today I had a late-in-the-day cup Intelligentsia Coffee's Ethiopia Washed Buku Organic at Life Alive in Harvard Square, Cambridge, and it was awesome.

    Honestly, Intelligentsia is at the scale where I usually see roasters fall on their face...but every time I have a cup, it's somewhere between excellent and inch-perfect.

    This was pretty close to perfect.

    This coffee roast had incredibly bright strawberry iced tea notes that immediately caught my attention. There was a lovely peachy quality to it, complemented by a vibrant acidity that made each sip refreshing and lively.

    Before I even checked the photo of the bag, I had already jotted down hints of citrus and raspberry in my notes. These flavors came through beautifully, showcasing the complexity of the coffee. The smooth, honey-like mouthfeel added a delightful richness, making the whole experience even more enjoyable. The finish was long and fruity, leaving a pleasant lingering taste.

    Cupping Method:Life Alive's new pour-over option really elevates the coffee experience, and this particular brew was a perfect example of how a well-prepared coffee can shine. I don't know how the barista made it since I was dealing with my kids but it looked like a metal Clever setup.

    Rated: 5.00
    1 week ago · See more
  • Leaderboard Season 14 blind tasting.

    I had this coffee twice (20g, 18:1 ratio both times})

    First time at 194 degrees, I got strawberry, fruit punch, and pineapple. Just a touch of funk mid-palate and a light chocolate finish.

    Second time, a little bit hotter tasted more like a grape jolly rancher with a glycerin mouthfeel and a milk chocolate finish.

    Really tasty both times. Dak's always outstanding.
    Rated: 5.00
    2 weeks ago · See more
  • Blind tasting as part of Leaderboard Season 14.

    This is a brilliantly executed Ethiopian with massive fruitiness and restrained but bright florality.

    I get lavender, currant, raspberry, cranberry, and red plum. Glycerine mouthfeel is very clean.

    Small beans that looked Ethiopian.

    Looks like tremendous value at $20CAD for a 340 gram bag. Might put this roaster way up this list.

    Cupping Method:v60, 196F, 18:1

    Rated: 5.00
    2 weeks ago · See more
  • During a blind tasting session in the Leaderboard Coffee game, Season 14, this coffee's unique characteristics shone through. Although initially mistaken for a Colombian origin, the quality and distinctiveness of a washed Gesha variety were unmistakable.

    The Seth Taylor Gilmer Cordova Gesha immediately stands out with its large, beautiful beans, including the occasional peaberry. The aroma is enticing, setting high expectations for the tasting experience.

    This Gesha variety delighted the palate with a complex flavor profile. The notes included:

    Lavender: A floral note that added a delicate sweetness.
    Black Tea: A subtle yet distinctive undertone that provided a refined and elegant taste.
    Peach: A fruity sweetness that enhanced the overall flavor complexity.
    Pineapple: A tropical hint that gave the coffee a refreshing finish.
    Roasting and Preparation

    The coffee was perfectly roasted, highlighting the nuanced flavors and inherent qualities of the Gesha beans. In a market where Gesha varieties are becoming more common, many roasters fail to treat it with the care it deserves. Seth Taylor's roast, however, is a masterclass in precision and respect for the bean.

    The Seth Taylor Gilmer Cordova Gesha was for me, the standout coffee from Leaderboard Coffee Game Season 14. Its perfect roast and complex flavor profile make it a memorable and highly enjoyable experience. This coffee met and exceeded expectations.

    Cupping Method:Hario v60, 18:1, 196 degrees

    Rated: 5.00
    2 weeks ago · See more
  • This outstanding natural Papua New Guinea coffee from Jaguar Coffee out of Edmonton offers balance and depth of flavor. Its the best PNG I can remember having by a country mile.

    This versatile Omni roast excels in both pourover and espresso preparations.

    The coffee is very smooth and sweet, devoid of the typical overly earthy notes sometimes associated with Papua New Guinea. It bursts with strawberry flavor, complemented by a slight black currant wine funk. The finish is super clean, with a natural sweetness and a glycerine honey feel.

    The strawberry notes come through strongly, along with hints of wine and chocolate. The natural sweetness and complexity are pronounced, making it perfect for an iced Americano, which really allows the strawberry fruitiness to shine.
    Rated: 5.00
    2 weeks ago · See more
  • Looking Glass Blend Cool Kids Coffee
    Flag of United States New Orleans, Louisiana


    Finding good coffee in the center of the Las Vegas Strip can be a challenge. However, the Looking Glass espresso from Cool Kids Coffee, available at District Donuts in The Cosmopolitan, stands out.

    This espresso offers a rich and complex flavor profile. The initial notes of dark cherry and plum are complemented by a deep chocolate undertone. The finish features hints of spices and blackberry, adding depth and complexity. Subtle floral overtones provide a balanced touch. Lush and persistent crema. The depth of the flavors and mouthfeel are notably excellent.

    In addition to the outstanding espresso, the cold brew made with a Cool Kids blend is also very good. It's smooth, refreshing, and showcases the same attention to quality and flavor.

    Looking Glass espresso demonstrates the expertise of Cool Kids Coffee in creating a multifaceted and enjoyable coffee experience. It is highly recommended for those seeking a well-crafted espresso on the Strip.

    Cupping Method:Doppio at District Donuts early AM in Las Vegas Cosmo

    Rated: 5.00
    1 month ago · See more
  • Leftist Espresso Gimme Coffee
    Flag of United States Ithaca, New York


    A stunning espresso with remarkable depth of flavor.

    There's nothing here a regular espresso drinker hasn't seen, but the depth of the flavor here is eye-opening. The aroma is deep chocolate and you almost spend the whole day with a smile on your face smelling it.

    In the cup it's rich chocolate, caramel, toffee, dark cherry, and blackberry. It's deep and complex. It spins out a big crema that gives it a lush mouthfeel. It's hard to explain but I get a fresh bag of espresso every week - maybe one out of 25 bags just has this richness.


    Cupping Method:Espresso, Americano, latte, it does well. Primarily pulling at 95C on my La Spaziale A53.

    Rated: 5.00
    2 months ago · See more
  • This is such a cool and fun coffee! And most at the end of the day, really delicious.

    I actually get a lot of interesting tropical notes, pineapple, starfruit, lychee in the cup. The acidity is very bright. I get floral (almost Pink Bourbon-ish) muskmelon (I guess that's canteloupe!) and a bit of nuttiness pre-grind. There's a lot of acidity and a lot of natural sweetness. Only a very slight touch of funkiness.

    A super cool coffee and becoming a big fan of this producer Juan Pablo Velez!

    Cupping Method:I made it at 195F, 18:1 ratio on Hario v60.

    Rated: 5.00
    2 months ago · See more
  • Colombia Pink Bourbon Cold Washed Edison Coffee Co.
    Flag of United States Flower Mound, Texas


    I think it was really intended as pourover, but boy does it pop as espresso.

    Everything here is pretty subtle as pourover. Glycerin mouthfeel, lychee, a little pineapple, balanced bergamot. This is maybe my 10th pink bourbon, so I'm less immediately blown away by the florality and fruitiness. I'd drink this all day but it doesn't hit you in the face like other pink bourbons.

    But boy is it amazing as espresso. Ruby red grapefruit, the type with the brown sugar on top. Lots of florality, especially bergamot. Blackberry notes. Tart, not sour and perfectly bounded for light roast espresso.

    Cupping Method:I got the Pink Bourbon set from Edison after discovering them in Texas.

    Actually this was pretty tight when I made my first cup right when I got it. After 10 days of rest it really popped.

    Espresso 95C on my La Spaziale, I pulled a little long with this one. Iced Americano was unreal.
    Pourover 199F and 195F - lower temp was better.

    Rated: 5.00
    2 months ago · See more
  • This coffee won a gold medal for Single Origin Espresso at the Melbourne Royal Australian International Coffee Awards. Because this is a highly prestigious, expert judge competition, we add a 5-star review to the roast. We do this to help our users find the best roasters and roasts!
    Rated: 5.00
    2 months ago · See more
  • An outstanding single-origin espresso that clearly expresses the notes pecan, tamarind, and vanilla notes mentioned. Those are challenging ones to hit and be good. The tamarind is nice as it's more of an overtone than a quick burst in some coffees where it comes on too strong. As espresso, this one's pretty citrusy on the back end of the palate but doesn't get too tart.

    Medium crema, medium body, nice mouthfeel.

    Cupping Method:I got this as a gift from a friend from Calgary. I used it for straight espresso, a cortado, and iced Americano. It worked well in all formats.

    Rated: 5.00
    2 months ago · See more
  • Colombia Laboyano Blind Tiger Coffee
    Flag of United States Bangor, Maine


    As good a cup of straight out drip coffee as I can really remember.

    This has a bright note of strawberry on the front of the palate, then transitions into a glycerine smooth black tea/chocolate mid-palate and finishes with a strawberry lemonade. Has a really nice natural sweetness. Almost mango-ish type of aftertaste and linger.

    Cupping Method:Drip at Revival Cafe + Kitchen at Alewife/Cambridge

    Rated: 5.00
    2 months ago · See more
  • Has a cool bubblegum / watermelon funk. Little bit of hibiscus or kiwi acid on the finish, really tasty. That bright acidity at the end is key and makes it all work.

    Super unique and tasty.

    Cupping Method:From the Pirates of Coffee Ramadan calendar. V60, 18:1, 197F

    Rated: 5.00
    2 months ago · See more
  • Iris Espresso Brooklyn Roasting Company
    Flag of United States Brooklyn, New York


    Outstanding espresso with fluffy, lingering crema, syrupy mouthfeel, and complex flavors. Dark chocolate, sasparilla start, some midpalate baking spice, then some blackberry acidity to balance things out. Long dark chocolate linger. Delicious.

    Cupping Method:Espresso at Mia's Brooklyn Bakery in Newton MA

    Rated: 5.00
    2 months ago · See more
  • We're doing the Pirates of Coffee Ramadan calendar out of order, so starting with this one #17.

    I'm Chinese, so I know lychee/longan character well! When you open the bag, there's the lovely aroma. It carries to the coffee. The tasting notes here are spot on - lychee, black tea, hibiscus. It's not too tart though, and it has a glycerin mouthfeel and a lot of natural sweetness.

    Amazed they could get this type of character in the fermentation process, and a job very well done by the roaster.

    Cupping Method:17.5:1, 196F, in Hario v60

    Rated: 5.00
    2 months ago · See more
  • Ecuador Guillermo Lomas SEY Coffee
    Flag of United States Brooklyn, New York


    I drank this as part of Leaderboard Season 13 (coffee #9 out of 10).

    I liked this coffee a lot. It's quite clean but has a lot going on, as the best Sidras are. It's my first Ecuadorian Sidra, and I think it expresses itself similar to the Colombian ones I've had.

    For me it starts off with a bit of strawberry and black tea. It has some lemon/tangerine in the background, and is a touch herbal and a touch floral

    Cupping Method:Pourover v60, 18:1 ratio. Came out really well at 199 degrees.

    Rated: 5.00
    2 months ago · See more
  • Colombia La Loma Whiskey Natural Edison Coffee Co.
    Flag of United States Flower Mound, Texas


    I went into this with some skepticism, because I normally am not a huge fan of barrel aged anything (except whiskey). A natural barrel, aged coffee sounded like it would be funky and woody. But a reputable barista at Parterre in Dallas highly recommended so I gave it a shot.

    This a total surprise. Its smooth and has that vanilla/oak that a good bourbon has without any harshness or overwhelming wordiness. It doesnt taste funky or woody, and has nice balanced acidity in the citrusy range. Black cherry is definitely a note to for me but not the artificial cough drop type.

    Cupping Method:Kyoto cold brew at Parterre in Dalls

    Rated: 5.00
    3 months ago · See more
  • Kenya Konyu Edison Coffee Co.
    Flag of United States Flower Mound, Texas


    I was really blown away by this Kenyan roast as a light espresso, and how closely it matched the characteristics described the the roaster. It's also nicely within bounds from an acidity perspective - it's tart, but not in a mouthpuckering way, and expresses enough natural sweetness.

    So first off, the ruby red grapefruit is quite clear, but in a great way, like when you've sprinkled just a little bit of sugar on top. I also get lemon mid-palate and the finish. I also think the florality/bergamot is clear but not overwhelming.

    A really nice job by Edison here here.

    Cupping Method:Espresso at Parterre in Dallas. Very impressed they served this as espresso.

    Rated: 5.00
    3 months ago · See more
  • Bolivia Illimani Ceremony Coffee Roasters
    Flag of United States Annapolis, Maryland


    A cup that makes you go wow, and provides a new perspective for me on Bolivian coffee.

    Super smooth. Black tea, pomegranate, juicy pear, a little bit of green apple. A slightly lemony finish. A lot of natural sweetness in the brown sugar honey range.

    Cupping Method:Pourover at D Squared in Exeter NH

    Rated: 5.00
    3 months ago · See more
  • UPDATE - Recupped this 45 days later from 10g that I froze. Used a slightly lower temp, 195F, and got one of the best cups of coffee I've had this year. Ripe, sweet peach, black tea, amazing mouthfeel and balance.


    A well-executed natural Ethiopian with trademark black tea character, a rich mouthfeel, and a honeyed peach character. It's very smooth, with a full-bodied mouthfeel that's almost glycerine (in a pleasant way). The finish is crystal clean.

    Cupping Method:197F Hario v60 with an 18:1 ratio

    Rated: 5.00
    3 months ago · See more
  • Leaderboard S13 blind tasting.

    Fairly neutral nose.

    Nice acidity, very clean. I actually correctly guessed this was a washed Chiroso; I found it very similar to one I had from Black & White. Berries, a touch of pineapple, and brown sugar.

    Cupping Method:Hario v60 pourover, 18:1, 196F

    Rated: 5.00
    3 months ago · See more
  • I drank this as part of Leaderboard Season 13. It's an outstanding, complex Ethiopian. Grading Ethiopians, I'm generally looking for something more than just the floral/peach/tea notes now. This one offers a more crisp/tart acidity and a clear lavender note. I thought it was slightly blackberry/strawberry, but pomegranate seems fair.

    I actually didn't think it was especially funky and didn't get the musk melon mentioned.

    Cupping Method:I drank this twice, once at my usual 196F/18:1 in v60. I made it a bit stronger and hotter the 2nd time. It really drew out the lavender but also a slight hoppiness.

    Rated: 5.00
    3 months ago · See more
  • When you open the bag, you're just smashed by the stunning aroma of watermelon jolly ranchers and lychee. I've done it for a bunch of friends and family members and they've blown away.

    The coffee itself - when hot, it's still quite fruity, watermelon, then a hint of rooibos. It's a bit floral tool. It cools to a chuggable raspberry peach iced tea. Some hints of pineapple and guava.

    So so good.

    Cupping Method:3x pourover, 18:1, 196F. This coffee was part of Leaderboard, and I scored all 9 points guessing that it was a Colombian co-ferment since that's where most of this experimental type processing is coming out of.

    Rated: 5.00
    3 months ago · See more
  • A super interesting coffee for my 1,000th review, and the first Leaderboard roast of Season 13!

    A really interesting aroma with spice, cinnamon, and fruit. I suspected it could be some type of co-ferment. Really did not expect a honey-washed Gesha.

    The coffee itself was delicious and complex. When its hot, it has a slight rooibos/vanilla character with a hint of cinnamon, lavender and candied peach. Once cool, its raspberry peach tea, with a slight hint of lavender. An awesome coffee from one of the worlds best roasters!

    Cupping Method:I made it 3 times with Hario v60, between 195 and 199F, each time at an 18:1 ratio.

    Rated: 5.00
    3 months ago · See more
  • Java is new to me varietal from Colombia that's both quite easy to drink and complex.

    There is a subtle hint of wintergreen followed by layers of fruitiness including pineapple, peach lemonade, and a hint of iced tea.

    A hint of something like yuzu lime brings a fresh citrus note, making the overall flavor profile more complex and engaging. Despite being a light roast, the coffee has a full body, providing a nice mouthfeel. It has a natural sweetness built into the citrus like a limeade/lemonade. To me this is a well-rounded coffee that stands out for its blend of flavors and textures, appealing to those who appreciate depth and subtlety in their cup.

    Despite all these flavor descriptions here, it's subtle rather than smacking you in the face, and a nice break from some of the over-the-top co-ferments we're seeing from Colombia now.

    Cupping Method:196F, Hario v60, 18:1 (12.5 grams)

    Rated: 5.00
    3 months ago · See more
  • Bold Bell Lane Coffee
    Flag of Ireland Westmeath


    A really nice espresso. A little bit better to me than the espresso we had last week that we rated 4.5. So I think its a 5.

    Very smooth, but complex. Milk chocolate, a touch of bergamot, blackberry.

    A medium crema with longer linger. Medium body. Massive chocolate finish. Wife was happy with lattes. Made really nice iced Americanos where the chocolate was ever-present.

    Cupping Method:Mostly 95F pulls out of my La Spaziale espresso machine.

    Rated: 5.00
    3 months ago · See more
  • Delicious. Definitely. Starts vanilla/roiboos and finishes honeysuckle jasmine. I get a little bit of lemon and a really nice bright burst of satsuma. Complex, floral, and delicious.

    Cupping Method:V60 pourover, 196F, 18:1

    Rated: 5.00
    3 months ago · See more
  • A perfectly balanced but complex gesha. Great roast, well executed. Not a hint of bitterness in site. A lovely honeysuckle/jasmine florality, a touch of pineapple. Black tea is in the background. Naturally sweet with a silky mouthfeel.

    You could drink this hot on a cold day like a fruity tea, you cold drink this cold on a hot day like an iced tea.

    Cupping Method:17:1, Hario v60, 196F. Seems like a pretty solid formula!

    Rated: 5.00
    3 months ago · See more
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