Review policy

At, we believe that honest reviews from our customers are essential for our business, and we want to ensure that our reviews are genuine and honest. Therefore, we have a strict review policy to prohibit the submission of fake reviews and the use of review gating practices. We also require a registration from a valid email address and social media account to verify the reviewer is an individual.

Prevention of Fake Reviews

Fake reviews are strictly prohibited on We define fake reviews as reviews that are submitted by someone who has not actually used the product or service, or reviews that are intentionally false, misleading, or deceitful. We take the authenticity of our reviews very seriously and will remove any fake reviews that are submitted to our website.

Review Gating Policy

Review gating is also prohibited on Review gating is a practice where a business solicits reviews from customers but only allows positive reviews to be submitted while hiding negative reviews. We believe that all reviews, whether positive or negative, provide valuable feedback to our business and help us improve our services. Therefore, we do not allow review gating on our website, and we reserve the right to remove any reviews that we believe have been solicited through review gating.

Review Moderation Moderation

Our moderation team reviews all reviews before they are published on our website. We reserve the right to edit or remove any reviews that do not meet our review guidelines. Our guidelines require reviews to be factual, relevant, and free from offensive language or personal attacks. We also do not publish reviews that contain confidential or personal information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, or financial information.

Reporting Fake Reviews

If you believe that a review on our website is fake, misleading, or violates our review policy, please contact us at [email protected], and we will investigate the issue promptly.

Reporting of Abuse to Authorities

Material abuse will be referred to the Federal Trade Commission, relevant State Attorney Generals, local authorities, and the Better Business Bureau for further investigation.