Ecuador Chakra Warmi

Roaster Location: Flag of Germany Tubingen


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Roast Level: Light
Bean Source Country: Ecuador
Varietal: Napo Payamino
Process: Natural, Anaerobic Fermentation

Region: Loreta, Orellana
Altitude: 350-550 MASL

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3 ratings
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Latest Reviews and Tasting Notes

  • Ted Chan, Managing Editor

    1085 roasts rated, avg score of 4.28

    5.00 - Average

    4.50 - Aroma

    5.00 - Finish

    5.00 - Flavor

    4.50 - Acidity

    5.00 - Balance

    I love this canephora, and I'm obsessed with it. I've probably only had one other robusta as good. I've also had the pleasure of driving through the Ecuadorian lowlands where this coffee was grown.

    First off, Suedhang packaging is gorgeous, both packaging and tasting notes. A great gift for any specialty coffee lover who appreciates design. This coffee has a wonderful aroma on the grind, but the treat is once your brew it.

    I do get the vanilla and papaya notes. But the biggest thing for me is this coffee drinks like rooibos crossed with genmaicha. And rooibos tea does often carry a little bit of vanilla, so that makes sense that they compliment each other.

    There's no harshness, bitterness, or rubbery character that you get in bad robusta.

    Also, as one might expect with robusta, it seems quite high in caffiene!!

    Full disclosure - it doesn't drink like regular specialty coffee, and you need an open-mind to enjoy it.

    Cupping Method:Various temperatures on Hario v60 and Chemex. Close to 200F got a delicate, complex cup.

    3 months ago · See more from Ted
  • Scott Greenaway

    133 roasts rated, avg score of 4.25

    5.00 - Average

    5.00 - Aroma

    5.00 - Finish

    5.00 - Flavor

    5.00 - Acidity

    5.00 - Balance

    This is a unique, stand-out roast! The flavor tends towards green tea, complemented with toasted rice. It is well-balanced, well-crafted and delicious!

    Cupping Method:Vietnamese drip

    3 months ago · See more from Scott
  • Emily Schadler

    93 roasts rated, avg score of 4.24

    4.00 - Average

    Feeling adventurous? Give it a go! Robusta is so different, and I haven't had it often, so it is hard to compare. This brew had a strong tea flavor with very clear toasty rice notes. I couldn't drink this every day, but as a novelty, it wins.

    Cupping Method:Chemex pourover

    2 months ago · See more from Emily

More Details

Roast Level: Light
Light roast coffee is a delicately roasted coffee that retains more of the beans' natural flavors and characteristics. Light-roasted coffees have bright acidity, complex fruit, and floral notes. Light roast coffee does not have less caffeine than darker roasts because caffeine levels remain stable during roasting.
Bean Source Country: Ecuador
Ecuadorian specialty coffee is characterized by its diverse microclimates, fertile volcanic soil, and high elevations in the Andes, resulting in beans with distinctive flavor profiles. These coffees often exhibit bright acidity, medium to full body, and complex flavors, ranging from fruity and floral to sweet and chocolatey.

Best Rated Roasts of Suedhang

Suedhang is a coffee roaster from Tubingen, Germany. We have 6 cataloged roasts with 17 total reviews with a score of 4.57.

International Rank: #8 out of 774
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Name Roast Level Bean Source
Light India
- Vietnam
Light Kenya
Medium Colombia
Light Democratic Republic of Congo
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