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Drift Coffee Roasters

Flag of Canada Dawson Creek
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Renowned microroaster out of Dawson Creek, British Columbia

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Drift Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster from Dawson Creek, Canada. We have 1 cataloged roasts with 1 total reviews with a score of 5.00.

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  • Theodore (Ted) Chan, Managing Editor

    1180 roasts rated, avg score of 4.28

    5.00 - Average

    5.00 - Aroma

    Nestled in the charming town of Dawson's Creek, BC, Drift Coffee Roasters presents an intriguing coffee experience that captivates the senses. During a blind-tasting Leaderboard Coffee game, I had the opportunity to explore one of their remarkable offerings, the Finca La Esmeralda Coffee from Narino.

    The aroma greeted me was nothing short of enticinga delightful fruity bouquet, reminiscent of ripe blueberries.

    Despite their relatively small size, the beans proved that great flavors can come in modest packages. Each sip revealed a noticeable acidity that added a lively and invigorating element to the overall profile. It was a pleasant surprise that enhanced the complexity of the coffee's flavor profile.

    This coffee from Drift Coffee Roasters proved to be an absolute delight. It was evident that great care had been taken in sourcing and roasting the beans, resulting in a truly exceptional blend.

    It surpassed expectations and left a lasting impression, distinguishing itself even from a previous 4.5-star Narino pourover I had earlier that day.

    Cupping Method:Leaderboard Coffee Tasting Game. Sampled as blind Chemex pourover.

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