Original Cold Brew

Roaster Location: Flag of United States Portland, Oregon


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Ingredients: Water and Coffee
Ready to drink in bottle format

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2 ratings
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Latest Reviews and Tasting Notes

  • Theodore (Ted) Chan, Managing Editor

    1134 roasts rated, avg score of 4.28

    5.00 - Average

    4.50 - Value

    4.50 - Flavor

    5.00 - Acidity

    5.00 - Balance

    Maybe the best large chain cold brew coffee. Usually a bit pricy but worth it. Super smooth, balanced acidity. Always happy with one of these.

    Cupping Method:Bottles, usually from Whole Foods

  • Sherbs Reviews

    40 roasts rated, avg score of 4.23

    3.00 - Average

    6.2/10. hmm after finishing the whole bottle of this coffee its good. but thats really it. its not leaving me with any amazing thoughts. theres a certain taste to some coffees that for me is just not it. its like a little sweetness to the flavor at the end. apparently at starbucks its the simple syrup which i absolutely do not like. but this had the same kind of end taste a little sweetness to the bitterness. im really just a strong bitter coffee girl so for me this isnt something i will be drinking again

    Cupping Method:Follow @sippingwithsherbs on Instagram for more reviews of coffee and other beverages!

    3 months ago · See more from Sherbs

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Best Rated Roasts of Stumptown

Stumptown is a coffee roaster from Portland, OR United States. We have 25 cataloged roasts with 9 total reviews with a score of 4.33.

International Rank: #96 out of 831
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Name Roast Level Bean Source
- Ethiopia
Light Ethiopia
- -
- International Blend
- Americas Blend
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