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Bean Source Country: Ethiopia
Bean Source Region: Guji
Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom
Process: Washed

Haile Gebre owns and operates two farms and a washing station under the Mordecofe name, short for ‘Mora Mora River Valley Development Coffee’. Mordecofe represents Haile’s own farms as well as the network of neighboring producers he buys from in the Guji highlands of southern Ethiopia. Stumptown has offered Ethiopia Mordecofe every year since 2006. "Let us grow together," is one of Mordecofe's core principles. To Haile this means providing services and proper payment to his workers and outgrowers, which helps the greater organization succeed. Mordecofe provides these farmers with new seedlings and extensive education on harvesting, cherry selection, and organic agricultural practices.

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  • Tom Flint

    1 roasts rated, avg score of 5.00

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    5.00 - Aroma

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    Ethiopian excellence

    Cupping Method:Espresso

    5 months ago · See more from Tom

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Bean Source Country: Ethiopia
Widely regarded as the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia boasts diverse and complex flavors, from bright, floral, and citrusy in Yirgacheffe to wine-like and berry-toned in Sidama. The country's heirloom varieties, combined with unique processing methods, make Ethiopian coffee truly distinctive and sought-after by enthusiasts worldwide.
Bean Source Region: Guji
Guji is a renowned coffee-growing region in southern Ethiopia, known for producing exceptional coffees with distinctive flavor profiles. Coffee from Guji is characterized by its vibrant acidity, floral aroma, and complex fruity notes. It often exhibits flavors of ripe berries, citrus, and stone fruits, with a medium body and a lingering sweetness.

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