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Costa Rica Tirra Natural

Roaster Location: Flag of United States Madison, Wisconsin


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Roast Level: Light
Bean Source Country: Costa Rica
Bean Source Region: Tarrazu
Varietal: Caturra, Catuai
Process: Washed



2 ratings
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Latest Reviews and Tasting Notes

  • Victoria S-C

    411 roasts rated, avg score of 4.32

    4.00 - Average

    4.00 - Flavor

    4.50 - Acidity

    Nice acidity, grapefruit, papaya. Almost tropical with a bit of savory. I like it but I couldn't drink it all day.
    7 months ago · See more from Victoria
  • Theodore (Ted) Chan, Managing Editor

    1110 roasts rated, avg score of 4.28

    3.50 - Average

    3.50 - Aroma

    4.50 - Finish

    3.00 - Flavor

    5.00 - Acidity

    3.50 - Balance

    This coffee has some fantastic attributes but for me, there's soy sauce on the nose, soy sauce on the grind, and a fairly strong soy sauce note in the coffee. It has a really nice green apple acidity, along with complimentary mix berries type.

    I'll try it one more time and see if I can get different result...

    Cupping Method:Got it as part of 8 coffees in a JBC sampler

More Details

Roast Level: Light
Light roast coffee is a delicately roasted coffee that retains more of the beans' natural flavors and characteristics. Light-roasted coffees have bright acidity, complex fruit, and floral notes. Light roast coffee does not have less caffeine than darker roasts because caffeine levels remain stable during roasting.
Bean Source Country: Costa Rica
Predominantly grown in the country's high-altitude regions, Costa Rican coffee benefits from the volcanic soil, consistent rainfall, and mild tropical climate, contributing to its rich, well-rounded taste. Costa Rican coffee often features bright acidity, medium body, and complex flavor notes ranging from tropical fruit to citrus, nuttiness, and chocolate.
Bean Source Region: Tarrazu
Tarrazú, a high-altitude region in Costa Rica, is celebrated for its premium coffee farms. The unique terroir of Tarrazú, marked by its volcanic soil, consistent rainfall, and significant temperature fluctuations between day and night, produces beans with distinct characteristics. Coffees from Tarrazú often showcase bright acidity, a medium to full body, and flavors that can range from red fruits like berries to citrus notes, chocolate undertones, and hints of tropical fruits. The combination of elevation, climate, and soil gives Tarrazú coffee its sought-after complexity and crisp, clean finish.

Best Rated Roasts of JBC Coffee Roasters

JBC Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster from Madison, WI United States. We have 15 cataloged roasts with 21 total reviews with a score of 4.44.

International Rank: #17 out of 823
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Name Roast Level Bean Source
Light Medium Indonesia
Light Ethiopia
Light Guatemala
- Colombia
Light Kenya
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