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Honduras Gloria Ventura

Roaster Location: Flag of United States Oakland, California


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Roast Level: Light
Bean Source Country: Honduras
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Honey

This light-bodied coffee boasts a sweet and syrupy finish, with distinct notes of honey, orange, and melon that add a delicious touch of sweetness to every sip.

From the roaster: Gloria Ventura is one of 3-19’s oldest partners. Alongside Catracha Coffee, a local nonprofit that supports rising producers, Gloria’s coffee continues to improve year after year. From controlling the pH of their soil, fertilizing with organic compost and manually sorting only the ripest of coffee cherries, Gloria has made quality a year-round priority on her 4-acre farm. This is only the second year using the honey-process method, but the monumental effort has been worth it. Cups we’ve tasted have been bright, clean and complex, making this a unique example of the best flavors within Honduran coffee.

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Roast Level: Light
Light roast coffee is a delicately roasted coffee that retains more of the beans' natural flavors and characteristics. Light-roasted coffees have bright acidity, complex fruit, and floral notes. Light roast coffee does not have less caffeine than darker roasts because caffeine levels remain stable during roasting.
Bean Source Country: Honduras
Honduran specialty coffee is distinguished by its diverse growing regions, such as Copán, Santa Bárbara, and Comayagua, each offering distinct flavor profiles due to the country's varied microclimates and elevations. Coffee from Honduras often features bright acidity, medium body, and a range of flavors, including fruity, nutty, and chocolatey notes.
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