Flatlands Coffee
Kenya Coffee, Lenana Espresso

Roaster Location: Flag of United States Bowling Green, Ohio


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Roast Level: Medium
Bean Source Country: Kenya
Process: Washed, Raised Bed Drying
Character: Silky
Acidity: Balanced
Farmers: Several Smallholder Farmers
Altitude: 1500 - 1700 Masl

This coffee is legendary around here for its juicy and vibrant flavor complexity, plus the countess awards we’ve won with it! This season specifically, we are tasting black cherry, brown sugar, raisin, and chocolate. This legendary Lenana is the coffee both Rachel and Ben used in the 2019 SCA US Barista Championships, its the coffee Richie used to get a high score of 9 in the 2019 Brewers Cup Championships, and is the coffee that scored a 4.5 star rating by Roast Ratings in 2019. AWARDS Used by two of our baristas to place in the 2019 SCA National Barista Championships 4.5 Star Rating by Roast Ratings in 2019

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Roast Level: Medium
Medium roast coffee balances the beans' natural flavors and the roasting process, providing a well-rounded taste profile. When selecting a medium roast, look for a balance of acidity and sweetness, with caramel, nuts, and chocolate notes and a medium body.
Bean Source Country: Kenya
Famed for its bold, bright acidity and fruity, wine-like flavors, Kenyan coffee often features blackcurrant, citrus, and tropical fruit notes. The high elevations, volcanic soil, and meticulous processing techniques contribute to the consistent, high-quality beans, with SL28 and SL34 among the most esteemed varieties.
Espresso is a concentrated coffee beverage brewed by forcing hot water through finely-ground coffee beans under high pressure. It is characterized by its rich flavor and distinctive crema—the creamy layer that forms on top of the extracted process. When evaluating espresso, coffee experts often focus on key tasting characteristics such as aroma, flavor, body, and aftertaste. Aroma refers to the fragrant smells released during brewing, while flavor encompasses the coffee's overall taste profile, including notes of sweetness, bitterness, acidity, and richness. Body refers to the coffee's texture or mouthfeel, with descriptors like full-bodied, medium-bodied, or light-bodied. Aftertaste, or the finish, pertains to the lingering flavors and sensations experienced after swallowing the coffee. A well-prepared espresso is prized for its balance and complexity, combining these sensory attributes into a harmonious whole.

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