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Nomad Coffee

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In 2011 it was a simple coffee cart stationed at markets around the busy city of London. Later, it moved to Barcelona to open its first shop and help cultivate a taste for speciality coffee in the Catalan capital. Soon after, they opened their own open roastery and they began to distribute their product and create a collaborative network of cafés, helping the project to grow on an international scale.

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Nomad Coffee is a coffee roaster from Barcelona, Spain. We have 8 cataloged roasts with 18 total reviews with a score of 4.64.

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Nomad Coffee out of Barcelona is consistently mentioned in the list of world's best specialty coffee roasters, and we can see why. It's stylish, modern roaster with careful sourcing and a delicate treatment. You will find Nomad espressos powering many of the best cafes in Madrid and Barcelona. Nomad's single-origin specialty roasts (both espresso and filter) might not be for a few groups, such as traditionalists and newbies. They can be funky and unique, with a lot of effort to draw out unique characteristics around acidity. What we'll say is that if you read the notes in terms of what the roaster is trying to do, they tend to be very spot on in pinpointing unique flavors.

-Ted Chan, Managing Editor
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