Monsoon Malabar

Roaster Location: Flag of United States Skokie, Illinois


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Roast Level: Medium
Bean Source Country: India
Bean Source Region: Malabar



2 ratings
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Latest Reviews and Tasting Notes

  • Theodore (Ted) Chan, Managing Editor

    1108 roasts rated, avg score of 4.28

    4.50 - Average

    4.50 - Aroma

    5.00 - Value

    4.50 - Finish

    4.00 - Flavor

    4.00 - Acidity

    4.50 - Balance

    These beans look a little strange with a tan gradation, but the taste and value are tough to quibble with.

    Wonderful peanutty /cocoa nose.

    The tasting notes are spot on and match well to what you expect from Monsoon Malabar, which is earthy and mellow acidity.

    I don't know how they will scale, but these small batch roasts from Kophee are pretty good at a very good price, and I think they'll do quite well with the Indian diaspora in the US.

    Cupping Method:I used it as espresso, and it worked very well in affogato (pictured, with Oatly Salted Caramel ice cream).

  • Scott Greenaway

    140 roasts rated, avg score of 4.25

    4.00 - Average

    4.00 - Aroma

    4.50 - Finish

    4.00 - Flavor

    3.50 - Acidity

    4.50 - Balance

    This roast has a low acidity, which is a bit out of the ordinary for the coffees that I sample. If I closed my eyes, I could easily imagine I was sipping a sweet and creamy black tea. While preparing this coffee, it is remarkable how dry the beans were. If you like having different beans on display, these are noticeably light and dry.

    Cupping Method:Vietnamese drip, cream with no sweetener

    1 month ago · See more from Scott

More Details

Roast Level: Medium
Medium roast coffee balances the beans' natural flavors and the roasting process, providing a well-rounded taste profile. When selecting a medium roast, look for a balance of acidity and sweetness, with caramel, nuts, and chocolate notes and a medium body.
Bean Source Country: India
India is a huge country with diverse growing regions, such as Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, each offering unique flavor profiles due to varied elevations, microclimates, and soil types. These coffees often exhibit low acidity, full body, and a range of flavors, including spicy, earthy, and chocolatey notes. These characteristics made Indian coffee sought after for blends, but the specialty coffee world is increasingly discovering the terroir of varied Indian lots.
Bean Source Region: Malabar
Monsoon Malabar coffee, hailing from India, undergoes a unique natural processing method. Exposed to the country's annual monsoon moisture for approximately 3 to 4 months, the raw beans mature to have diminished acidity and adopt a distinctive earthy taste. The name comes from the coffee's origin of the Malabar Coast of Karnataka and Kerala, where it has protected status.

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Kophee is a coffee roaster from Skokie, IL United States. We have 3 cataloged roasts with 7 total reviews with a score of 4.33.

International Rank: #141 out of 822
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