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Alchemist - Rwanda Experimental

Roaster Location: Flag of Netherlands Amsterdam


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Roast Level: Light
Bean Source Country: Rwanda
Bean Source Region: Nyamasheke
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Experimental Anaerobic



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  • Q Reviews

    63 roasts rated, avg score of 4.46

    5.00 - Average

    The Alchemist? is an experimental anaerobic natural from Gasharu farms in the Nyamasheke district of the western province of Rwanda.

    The dry aroma and flavour is full of macerated fruits, red and dark berries and chocolate, its bold clear and has excellent body. However, its the tropical malic acidity that really lifts the score for me with this coffee. Its a bit boozy; theres definitely a hint of funk no more than a couple of notes on a bass guitar though.

    It homogenises quite a bit as it cools rather than improving or opening up in any way but that doesnt detract much really.

    I have known a coffee like this to divide opinion a bit on a table with some liking this a lot more than others. Im all for them, especially when the brakes are kept on a bit to add balance and refinement as has been achieved here. Sweet, juicy, aromatic, lots of body, not much to dislike here for me.

    Cupping Method:From Dog & Hat. Follow @the_qreview on Instagram for photos and the full post.

    3 months ago · See more from Q · Social link

More Details

Roast Level: Light
Light roast coffee is a delicately roasted coffee that retains more of the beans' natural flavors and characteristics. Light-roasted coffees have bright acidity, complex fruit, and floral notes. Light roast coffee does not have less caffeine than darker roasts because caffeine levels remain stable during roasting.
Bean Source Country: Rwanda
Rwandan coffee is known for its bright, fruity, and tea-like characteristics, attributable to its high elevations, fertile volcanic soil, and temperate climate. The Bourbon variety, commonly grown in Rwanda, lends itself to a delicate and nuanced flavor profile, often exhibiting notes of red fruit, citrus, and floral undertones. As the country has invested in improving coffee production and processing techniques, Rwandan coffee has emerged as a top contender in the specialty coffee market, earning recognition for its vibrant and complex flavors.
Rwandan coffee is renowned for its unique and vibrant flavor profile. It is characterized by a bright acidity and complex fruit tones, often featuring notes of berry, citrus, and sometimes hints of chocolate. Grown in the rich volcanic soil found throughout the hilly regions of the country, such as along the shores of Lake Kivu, Rwandan coffee benefits from an ideal combination of high altitude, regular rainfall, and ample sunshine. This environment facilitates the cultivation of predominantly Bourbon varieties of Arabica beans, typically handpicked with great care by small-scale farmers. The meticulous processing methods, including washing and sun-drying, contribute to the coffee's clean taste and high quality, making Rwandan coffee increasingly highly prized internationally.
Bean Source Region: Nyamasheke
Coffee from Nyamesheke is distinct for its high-altitude terroir and rich volcanic soil, yielding beans with bright acidity and complex flavors. The common bean is Red Bourbon, often with citrus and floral notes, alongside berry undertones.

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Dak Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster from Amsterdam, Netherlands. We have 10 cataloged roasts with 19 total reviews with a score of 4.69.

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