Dabov Specialty Coffee
Costa Rica Thermal Process

Roaster Location: Flag of Bulgaria Sofia


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Roast Level: Light
Bean Source Country: Costa Rica
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Thermal

1780 MASL
Farm: La Ortiga, Manuel Navarro, Costa Rica

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  • Theodore (Ted) Chan, Managing Editor

    1134 roasts rated, avg score of 4.28

    4.50 - Average

    5.00 - Aroma

    4.50 - Finish

    4.50 - Flavor

    4.50 - Acidity

    4.50 - Balance

    Longer post here, but a super super interesting coffee with an aroma on the grind that was absolutely incredible. I have to confess, I actually kept drinking this coffee and I couldn't quite figure out what word to use. I decided on a sweet sage or salvia but I don't think that's quite right. It's neutral in terms of whether it adds or u

    There's a nice tropical acidity and some blood orange clear through that makes it very pleasant overall. It's a 8 in terms of how delicious (would happily have every day) and a 10 in terms of intellectual process and fun to try to understand for a specialty coffee lover.

    It was explained to me as thermal ferment, which I previously had explained to me.

    So what is a thermal ferment?

    The process commences by carefully selecting cherries at their optimum ripeness, ensuring a significant sugar content.

    Subsequently, the thermal procedure initiates through a brief exposure to a high-temperature shock, approximately 70 degrees Celsius. The coffee cherries are pulped and placed directly under the sun to achieve this. The heat exposure commences the breakdown of the coffee cherries' natural sugars, resulting in partial caramelization. This innovative technique imparts the coffee an exceptionally sweet and fruity flavor, leading to a well-balanced and rounded cup.

    The coffee undergoes thorough mixing and is transferred into a tightly sealed tank. The complete closure of the tank is crucial as it prevents the escape of CO2 and ensures pressure generation. The tank's temperature is carefully regulated throughout the fermentation process. Additionally, the pH is constantly monitored after 15 hours to track the progress of fermentation.

    Fermentation must be halted once the sugars in the mucilage have been consumed, without any alcohol being produced. This creates flavor complexity different and unseen in other processes which is definitely seen in this coffee!

    Cupping Method:v60 pourover in the Dabov Madrid store. Photo is Dabov expert barista measuring.

    11 months ago ยท See more from Theodore (Ted)

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Roast Level: Light
Light roast coffee is a delicately roasted coffee that retains more of the beans' natural flavors and characteristics. Light-roasted coffees have bright acidity, complex fruit, and floral notes. Light roast coffee does not have less caffeine than darker roasts because caffeine levels remain stable during roasting.
Bean Source Country: Costa Rica
Predominantly grown in the country's high-altitude regions, Costa Rican coffee benefits from the volcanic soil, consistent rainfall, and mild tropical climate, contributing to its rich, well-rounded taste. Costa Rican coffee often features bright acidity, medium body, and complex flavor notes ranging from tropical fruit to citrus, nuttiness, and chocolate.

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Dabov Specialty Coffee is a coffee roaster from Sofia, Bulgaria. We have 7 cataloged roasts with 8 total reviews with a score of 4.21.

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