M. Berasategi Kafeak
India Single Origin

Roaster Location: Flag of Spain Lasarte-Oria


Roast Level: Medium
Bean Source Country: India



2 ratings
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Latest Reviews and Tasting Notes

  • Victoria S-C

    433 roasts rated, avg score of 4.31

    4.50 - Average

    I didn't like this initially but then Ted made it with Moka pot and that was great.
    10 months ago · See more from Victoria
  • Theodore (Ted) Chan, Managing Editor

    1143 roasts rated, avg score of 4.28

    4.50 - Average

    5.00 - Aroma

    5.00 - Value

    4.50 - Finish

    4.50 - Flavor

    4.00 - Acidity

    4.50 - Balance

    Really liked this medium roast Indian. I'm not a sophisticated drinker of Indian coffee, but this had some of good characterstics of a nice medium roast Columbian. I think it's chocolate with a nice acidity on the lighter side (maybe red grape). The standout characteristic is a fun and clear peanut mid-palate, which gives it a Reece's Pieces type character.

    I also cupped a Nomad Rwandan side by side and you can see the darkness (the Berasategi Indian is the dark one).

    Cupping Method:I boubght the bag from the M. Berasategi roaster and cupped it the next day with a V60. Relative to coffee in the US, it was amazingly inexpensive.

    10 months ago · See more from Theodore (Ted)

More Details

Roast Level: Medium
Medium roast coffee balances the beans' natural flavors and the roasting process, providing a well-rounded taste profile. When selecting a medium roast, look for a balance of acidity and sweetness, with caramel, nuts, and chocolate notes and a medium body.
Bean Source Country: India
India is a huge country with diverse growing regions, such as Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, each offering unique flavor profiles due to varied elevations, microclimates, and soil types. These coffees often exhibit low acidity, full body, and a range of flavors, including spicy, earthy, and chocolatey notes. These characteristics made Indian coffee sought after for blends, but the specialty coffee world is increasingly discovering the terroir of varied Indian lots.

Best Rated Roasts of M. Berasategi Kafeak

M. Berasategi Kafeak is a coffee roaster from Lasarte-Oria, Spain. We have 4 cataloged roasts with 5 total reviews with a score of 4.63.

International Rank: #70 out of 840
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