Intelligentsia Coffee
Colombia Juan Martin Castillo

Roaster Location: Flag of United States Chicago, Illinois


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Roast Level: Light Medium
Bean Source Country: Colombia
Varietal: Castillo
Process: Washed

Farmer: Juan Martin
Varietal is exclusively Castillo
Region: Sotara
Elevation: 2050 MASL

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  • Theodore (Ted) Chan, Managing Editor

    1181 roasts rated, avg score of 4.28

    4.50 - Average

    4.50 - Aroma

    4.50 - Value

    4.50 - Finish

    4.50 - Flavor

    4.50 - Acidity

    5.00 - Balance

    This coffee is the first coffee I can remember specifically identified as being exclusively the Castillo variety. I researched Castillo to try to take a scientific approach here.

    The Castillo varietal is a type of Arabica coffee that was developed and is widely grown in Colombia. Its taste profile can vary depending on the specific growing conditions, processing methods, and roasting techniques. However, in general, the Castillo varietal is known for its clean, sweet, and bright acidity, which is characteristic of many Colombian coffees.

    Tasting notes often include flavors of red fruits, citrus, and sugar cane. It is also known for its medium body and smooth mouthfeel. Some coffee enthusiasts may also detect subtle nutty or chocolatey undertones, depending on how it is brewed.

    I find this aligned pretty closely, and nicely within the frame of traditional Colombian coffee. Chocolately, smooth, very fruity, naturally sweet. Very much get the sugar cane, including an acidity that's very close to the raw sugar cane I'd chew as a kid when it was a little bit less ripe. If anything I'd want just a touch more acidity.

    Cupping Method:Pourover at Intelligentsia Chicago coffee shop, made using Hario v60 with PourReady system.

    1 year ago ยท See more from Theodore (Ted)

More Details

Roast Level: Light Medium
A Light Medium Roast coffee, sometimes referred to as a "City Roast" or "American Roast," lies between a light and medium roast. This roast level strikes a balance by preserving the coffee bean's unique characteristics while allowing for a moderate development of body and flavor. The beans have a medium brown color, exhibiting a slight sheen of oils, providing a more balanced and nuanced flavor profile. A Light Medium Roast typically highlights the coffee's inherent fruity, floral, or citrus notes, while also providing some of the deeper, richer flavors associated with medium roasts.
Bean Source Country: Colombia
Colombian coffees are known for their balanced taste, featuring bright acidity, medium body, and a range of flavors, including fruity notes, caramel sweetness, and nutty undertones. Colombia's worldwide reputation for producing great coffee at scale is well-deserved. Increasingly some of the best microlot specialty roasts are coming from Colombia thanks to their expertise in cultivation and process.

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Intelligentsia Coffee is a coffee roaster from Chicago, IL United States. We have 32 cataloged roasts with 21 total reviews with a score of 4.61.

International Rank: #5 out of 862
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