Rooster Farms
100% Hawaiian Medium Roast

Roaster Location: Flag of United States Captain Cook, Hawaii


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Roast Level: Medium
Bean Source Country: Hawaii
Bean Source Region: Kona



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  • Coffee Yinzer

    67 roasts rated, avg score of 4.50

    3.50 - Average

    4.00 - Aroma

    3.50 - Value

    4.00 - Finish

    3.00 - Flavor

    3.00 - Acidity

    3.00 - Balance

    Tried Hawaiian Coffee from a true micro roaster from South Kona, Rooster Farms. So if it from Kona why is it Hawaiian Coffee instead of Kona?

    From their website - "What is Hawaiian coffee? Due to Kona's extremely strict grading system, coffee beans that are smaller than 16/64th of an inch in size, and have a slightly more percentage of natural defects, may not be legally called Kona.

    They are however excellent beans, roast very well, and are much larger than your average bean grown outside of the Kona region. By default volume and density, the larger the bean, the richer the flavor and the more the flavor compounds.

    For an everyday gourmet and delicious coffee, but less than the standard Kona prices, Kona-grown Hawaiian coffee is a wonderful choice."

    A less expensive option but still very good. Very rich and smooth with a nutty slightly sweet tast and good medium body.

    Cupping Method:Follow on Instagram (@coffeeyinzer) for more Pittsburgh coffee content.

    2 months ago · See more from Coffee · Social link

More Details

Roast Level: Medium
Medium roast coffee balances the beans' natural flavors and the roasting process, providing a well-rounded taste profile. When selecting a medium roast, look for a balance of acidity and sweetness, with caramel, nuts, and chocolate notes and a medium body.
Bean Source Country: Hawaii
Hawaiian specialty coffee is renowned for its high quality, unique flavor profile, and rich cultural heritage. In particular, Kona coffee is world-renowned. Grown on the volcanic slopes of Hawaii's islands, these beans are known for their smooth and mellow taste, with notes of chocolate, fruit, and spices. The state's coffee industry is deeply rooted in Hawaiian history and culture, with many smallholder farmers continue using traditional growing and processing methods passed down through generations.
Bean Source Region: Kona
Kona coffee is a premium coffee grown exclusively on the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai in the Kona District on the Big Island of Hawaii. This exceptional coffee is renowned for its smooth, rich flavor, low acidity, and delicate aroma that often exhibits notes of chocolate, nuts, and citrus.
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