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Mexico Los Milagros Washed

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Bean Source Country: Mexico
Bean Source Region: Chiapas
Process: Washed
Character: Creamy
Acidity: Soft Yellow Apple
Farmers: Smallholders in the town of Motozintla
Altitude: 1500 - 2000 Masl

This creamy light roast opens with aromas of candied almond, maple, and black tea. Almond and Swiss chocolate notes accompany soft yellow apple acidity in the cup, leading to a malty finish featuring sage and black tea. "In a valley surrounded by three of the most important mountains in the state of Chiapas sits the small town of Motozintla. One of these mountains is called Cerro Malé, which in indigenous dialect means “The Hill of Miracles.” For hundreds of years, the indigenous tribes believed that sick people could be healed by bathing in the water streams that run underneath Cerro Malé. Additionally, in the times of the Spanish Conquest, the indigenous tribes used to hide inside the tunnels and caves that you can find around Cerro Malé. For this reason, these tribes strongly believed that this was a hill that made miracles. "Nowadays, this mountain continues to make great things: not necessarily miracles, but great coffee. This region, with humid weather in the mornings and dry heat in the afternoons, is ideal for the production of coffee. "Today, Cerro Malé and its surroundings is home to dozens of small-scale coffee growers producing coffee according to organic practices on 1-3 hectares. These growers are members of an organization called Cafetaleros de la Biosfera de Chiapas (CABIOCHI). This organization was created with the objective of taking care of the environment through the production of coffee, producing coffee under shade, and other strategies to guarantee the protection of their mountains and the planet. Our PECA team is working with this group of dedicated coffee growers to offer these them tools to improve their harvest practices and increase the quality of their coffee."

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Bean Source Country: Mexico
Mexican specialty coffee is marked by its diverse growing regions, rich volcanic soil, and varied microclimates. These coffees often showcase mild acidity, medium body, and a range of flavors, including chocolate, nuts, and subtle fruit notes. Once treated as commodity beans, Mexico's shade-grown Arabica is benefitting from a more nuanced examination of its micro-terrain.
Bean Source Region: Chiapas

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