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Rwanda Rambagirakawa

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Bean Source Country: Rwanda
Process: Washed, Raised Bed Dried
Character: Full, Complex
Acidity: Dried Fig
Farmers: Rambagirakawa Women only growing group
Altitude: 1600 Masl

Rambagirakawa roughly translates to 'professional women owning and growing coffee trees.' The Dukundekawa Coop supported the formation of a female only growing group, who produced this stunning washed microlot. Expect notes of dried fig and delicate florals in the aroma like elderflower. We enjoy this coffee as a filter offering. The Dukunde Kawa cooperative is located high in Northern Rwanda in the Gakenke district. For the last decade, there has existed a sub-cooperative known as Rambagirakawa. This all-female-led cooperative was started to empower leaders within the community with a firm vision for the future of coffee production in the region. Since its inception, the Rambagirakawa cooperative has set high bars in coffee quality and social programs. During the off-season of coffee production, the co-op is involved in varying ways to create jobs and commerce within the community, providing income past the sometimes single payment way of life of a small-holder producer. As a part of the larger Dukunde Kawa, this sub-co-op practices stringent quality control for cherry selection and processing. The QC standards have gone beyond green production to sensory evaluation to empower members to taste the outcome of the harvest, pinpointing defects and how to prevent them. The short history of this microlot is synergistic in nature, first produced by a relatively new cooperative leading the charge in quality. Within a similar vein, the inner workings of sourcing and quality control at Onyx allow staff members to work on project-based sourcing. This micro-lot was sourced by Seth Puckett, a member of our roasting team, with the help of Artisan coffee. This project-based system allows our staff to have a firsthand look at contracts, cupping, and logistics along the supply chain. Hopefully, the outcome is to create the next generation of leaders within specialty coffee.

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Bean Source Country: Rwanda
Rwandan coffee is known for its bright, fruity, and tea-like characteristics, attributable to its high elevations, fertile volcanic soil, and temperate climate. The Bourbon variety, commonly grown in Rwanda, lends itself to a delicate and nuanced flavor profile, often exhibiting notes of red fruit, citrus, and floral undertones. As the country has invested in improving coffee production and processing techniques, Rwandan coffee has emerged as a top contender in the specialty coffee market, earning recognition for its vibrant and complex flavors.
Rwandan coffee is renowned for its unique and vibrant flavor profile. It is characterized by a bright acidity and complex fruit tones, often featuring notes of berry, citrus, and sometimes hints of chocolate. Grown in the rich volcanic soil found throughout the hilly regions of the country, such as along the shores of Lake Kivu, Rwandan coffee benefits from an ideal combination of high altitude, regular rainfall, and ample sunshine. This environment facilitates the cultivation of predominantly Bourbon varieties of Arabica beans, typically handpicked with great care by small-scale farmers. The meticulous processing methods, including washing and sun-drying, contribute to the coffee's clean taste and high quality, making Rwandan coffee increasingly highly prized internationally.

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