Downeast Coffee Roasters
Admiral’s Blend

Roaster Location: Flag of United States Pawtucket, Rhode Island


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Roast Level: Light Medium
Bean Source Country: International Blend
Organic Fair Trade

From the roaster: Our most approachable blend. Comprised of exquisite coffees from Colombia, Guatemala, and Sumatra, it offers a balance of citrusy sweetness and acidity.

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Latest Reviews and Tasting Notes

  • Theodore (Ted) Chan, Managing Editor

    1134 roasts rated, avg score of 4.28

    4.50 - Average

    4.50 - Aroma

    5.00 - Value

    4.50 - Finish

    4.50 - Flavor

    4.50 - Acidity

    4.50 - Balance

    I ran out of espresso, so ran over to our local market and was pleasantly surprised to find some good options, including a broad selection from Downeast. We'd had a solid experience with Downeast's flagship espresso, so we grabbed Admiral's Blend. It's also great that it's fair trade and organic, and price very reasonably.

    Although it's not specifically designated as espresso, Admiral's Blend plays very nicely in the espresso machine. It produces a bright medium crema. It's chocolatey with that orange hint and good acidity. I think for a light-medium espresso it doesn't have the florality/complexity of some of the single-origin ones I've sampled recently, but this is a very good blend to have for versatile espresso drinks, Americanos, lattes, etc.

    Cupping Method:I grabbed a bag of Admiral's Blend from Donelan's our supermarket in Lincoln, MA. Espresso extraction at 95 degree celsius on my Spaziale A53 Lucca.

  • Victoria S-C

    426 roasts rated, avg score of 4.32

    4.50 - Average

    Made a great Americano and latte!
    9 months ago · See more from Victoria
  • Lori S

    10 roasts rated, avg score of 4.70

    5.00 - Average

    Loved it! Can definitely taste the chocolate and citrus.

    Cupping Method:Latte

    9 months ago · See more from Lori

More Details

Roast Level: Light Medium
A Light Medium Roast coffee, sometimes referred to as a "City Roast" or "American Roast," lies between a light and medium roast. This roast level strikes a balance by preserving the coffee bean's unique characteristics while allowing for a moderate development of body and flavor. The beans have a medium brown color, exhibiting a slight sheen of oils, providing a more balanced and nuanced flavor profile. A Light Medium Roast typically highlights the coffee's inherent fruity, floral, or citrus notes, while also providing some of the deeper, richer flavors associated with medium roasts.
Bean Source Country: International Blend
International blend coffee refers to a blend of coffee beans sourced from different regions or countries worldwide. International blends combine beans with distinct flavor profiles and characteristics, resulting in a harmonious and complex cup of coffee. The quality of an international blend depends on the expertise of the coffee roaster, who carefully selects and combines beans to achieve a specific flavor and balance. Roasters who excel in crafting international blends have a deep understanding of the different growing regions, varietals, and processing methods.
Organic coffee is produced without synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers. Instead, organic coffee farmers rely on natural and sustainable agricultural practices like crop rotation, composting, and biological pest control. To be labeled as organic, coffee must meet strict regulations and certification criteria set by governing bodies, such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) or the European Union (EU). Organic coffee not only supports environmental sustainability but may also offer health benefits, as it contains fewer chemical residues than conventionally grown coffee.
Fair trade
Fair-trade coffee refers to coffee beans that are produced, traded, and sold following a set of ethical and social standards designed to ensure fair treatment of farmers and workers in the coffee industry. Fair Trade organizations work to create a more equitable global trade model by prioritizing the well-being of small-scale coffee producers and farm workers, primarily in developing countries.

Best Rated Roasts of Downeast Coffee Roasters

Downeast Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster from Pawtucket, RI United States. We have 5 cataloged roasts with 11 total reviews with a score of 3.98.

International Rank: #769 out of 831
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Name Roast Level Bean Source
Light Medium Guatemala
Medium International Blend
Medium International Blend
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