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Decaf Colombia Jairo Arcila Natural

Roaster Location: Flag of United States Rogers, Arkansas


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Bean Source Country: Colombia
Process: Natural, Raised Bed Dried, EA Decaf

This is a unique decaf coffee from Quindio in Western Colombia. Forgoing the standard of decaffeinating a traditional washed coffee, Cofinet sourced this natural specifically to be decaf. Rest easy with complex fruited notes of guava candy and rich molasses. This natural Castillo comes from Finca Castellon. Grown and processed by Jairo Arcila, a third-generation coffee producer. Even though he retired in 2019, Felipe and Carlos started Cofinet and aid in producing lots like this one. This Castillo lot was dried before being sent off to the sugar cane decaffeination treatment, in order to strip away the caffeine. Usually decaf coffees are an afterthought, with 83-84 point washed coffees being homogenized into one large (and sometimes boring) decaf lot. Cofinet has taken a different approach, creating a decaf that is worthy of the moniker of specialty coffee.

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Bean Source Country: Colombia
Colombian coffees are known for their balanced taste, featuring bright acidity, medium body, and a range of flavors, including fruity notes, caramel sweetness, and nutty undertones. Colombia's worldwide reputation for producing great coffee at scale is well-deserved. Increasingly some of the best microlot specialty roasts are coming from Colombia thanks to their expertise in cultivation and process.
Decaffeinated coffee has undergone a process to remove most of the caffeine content while preserving its flavor and aroma. There are three primary decaffeination methods. The solvent-based method involves soaking coffee beans in water to dissolve the caffeine, followed by adding a solvent, such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate, to bind to the caffeine molecules selectively. The Swiss Water Process (SWP) is a chemical-free method that relies on the principles of solubility and osmosis. Finally, the carbon dioxide method involves using supercritical carbon dioxide to extract caffeine from the coffee beans. Decaf coffee typically retains most of the flavor and aroma of regular coffee but with a significantly reduced caffeine content (around 2-3%).

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Onyx Coffee Lab is a coffee roaster from Rogers, AK United States. We have 55 cataloged roasts with 35 total reviews with a score of 4.37.

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- Colombia
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