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Barrington Coffee

Flag of United States Lee, Massachusetts
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Gregg Charbonneau and Barth Anderson founded Barrington Coffee Roasting Company in 1993. Having met in college, they quickly discovered their common love of everything coffee. Barth, an environmental scientist by education, was drawn to coffee at the age of 14 and he clearly hasn’t shaken it since. Gregg started roasting coffee during his college years for a local coffeehouse and continued while building a career in art restoration. This combination of art and science is the foundation of their success. Devotion, total commitment, fanaticism: these are good words to describe the power-coffee duo. Their commitment at Barrington Coffee is hands-on. Decidedly not a giant corporate empire, on any given day Gregg and Barth can be seen unloading bags of green coffee, cupping the new crop of Ethiopian beans or roasting for the day’s production. Over the years, Barrington Coffee has grown to include a select staff of coffee driven professionals. Together with Gregg and Barth, this team is responsible for preparing coffee each day at the Roastery in Lee, MA.

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Barrington Coffee is a coffee roaster from Lee, MA United States. We have 9 cataloged roasts with 14 total reviews with a score of 4.14.

9 roasts

Name Roast Level Bean Source
Light Ethiopia
Light Ethiopia
Light Costa Rica
Dark Americas Blend
Light Indonesia
Light Honduras
Medium India
Light Colombia
Light International Blend

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Editor's Overview

Barrington Coffee Roasting Company, established in the early 1990s, is a key player in the East Coast specialty coffee scene. Based in Massachusetts, this company has steadily built its brand and reputation through its commitment to quality, transparency, and sustainable practices. We're fans of Barrington. Sometimes it seems like they're trying to do a lot and serve many very different types of customers. They pop up in New England cafes, some of which are the very best specialty coffee shops, and some of which are ice cream shops with teenagers asking how to make an espresso. They're also cranking out single-origin roasts, some of which are outstanding.

Their sourcing approach emphasizes direct relationships with coffee growers and producers worldwide. This direct-trade strategy aims to guarantee the high-quality beans they are known for while also supporting equitable and sustainable practices within the coffee farming communities.

When it comes to the roasting process, Barrington is meticulous. They aim to extract the most favorable characteristics from each bean, leading to distinctive flavors and profiles that resonate with coffee enthusiasts. Over the years, their offerings have expanded to cater to various palates, from classic blends to unique single-origin selections.
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