Klatch Coffee
El Salvador Las Mercedes Honey

Roaster Location: Flag of United States Rancho Cucamonga, California


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Roast Level: Light Medium
Bean Source Country: El Salvador
Process: Honey
Character: Full
Acidity: Vibrant
Farmers: Lucia Abrego de Ortiz
Altitude: 1400 Masl

Our El Salvador Honey blend exudes flavor notes of honeysuckle, golden raisin, and clove, with undertones of sweet granola and warm baking spices. This year’s Las Mercedes Honey blend smells just like grandma’s kitchen. The honey process starts with removing the skin from the coffee fruit immediately after picking, but the beans are dried with at least some of the fruit pulp or “honey” still adhering to them. As a result, the pulp adds sweetness and a little bit of fruit taste to the bean. Before depulping, the coffee fruit goes through an intense screening process to eliminate twigs, leaves, and other foreign material. At the wet mill, coffee cherries are received into ceramic tiled ditches, washed with fresh, collected rainwater, and immediately fed into a pulper, which each has rotating disks or cylinders and is fitted with adjustable knives. Pulpers are designed to separate the bean from the flesh of the fruit while leaving each bean intact in its parchment envelope. Coffee beans are then dried on clay patios to ensure even drying.

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Roast Level: Light Medium
A Light Medium Roast coffee, sometimes referred to as a "City Roast" or "American Roast," lies between a light and medium roast. This roast level strikes a balance by preserving the coffee bean's unique characteristics while allowing for a moderate development of body and flavor. The beans have a medium brown color, exhibiting a slight sheen of oils, providing a more balanced and nuanced flavor profile. A Light Medium Roast typically highlights the coffee's inherent fruity, floral, or citrus notes, while also providing some of the deeper, richer flavors associated with medium roasts.
Bean Source Country: El Salvador
The unique flavor profiles of Salvadorian coffees often feature notes of chocolate, caramel, and tropical fruit, with bright acidity, making them a favorite among connoisseurs. The coffee-growing areas of El Salvador are characterized by volcanic slopes, high altitudes, and fertile soil, providing ideal conditions for the cultivation of high-quality coffee beans.

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Klatch Coffee is a coffee roaster from Rancho Cucamonga, CA United States. We have 35 cataloged roasts with 4 total reviews with a score of 4.75.

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