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Guatemala Ovidio Garcia Anaerobic Natural

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Bean Source Country: Guatemala
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Character: Full, Sweet
Acidity: Vibrant
Farmers: Ovidio Garcia

Ovidio Garcia is a small-scale farmer in Guatemala who was determined to stand out and add more value to his coffees in order to receive better prices for his family. He built a solar drier to protect the coffee from the elements and raise the drying temperature. The effect is outstanding: fruity, intense, and unique. This is an Anaerobic Naturally processed Catuai varietal lot, which is a rare and somewhat risky process. The freshly picked coffee cherries were sealed in a barrel, with a CO2 release valve attached to push out the oxygen coming off the cherry as they fermented.

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Bean Source Country: Guatemala
Guatemala is one of the main coffee-producing countries in Central America. Its volcanic soil and altitude make it ideal for producing quality arabica.
Coffee in Guatemala is grown in the high-altitude regions of the country. The country is known for producing high-quality Arabica beans, known for their well-balanced, rich, and complex flavors with notes of chocolate, fruit, and nuts with great acidity. The volcanic soil and favorable climate conditions contribute to the unique taste profile of Guatemalan coffee. The coffee industry is a significant part of the country's economy, with small-scale farmers and cooperatives being the primary producers. Guatemala represents around 2% of the world's coffee production, but due to its reputation for high quality, has an outsized impact in specialty roasts.

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