Filter Style Intense

Roaster Location: Flag of Switzerland Lausenne


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Roast Level: Dark
Bean Source Country: Americas Blend



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  • Coffee Pod Thoughts

    79 roasts rated, avg score of 3.23

    5.00 - Average

    Editor's Note: We've aggregated 3 reviews of this roast with permission from Coffeepodthoughts (follow on Instagram!)

    One of the things I had wanted to try with Nespresso's Filter Style Intense pod was whether brewing it as Espresso+Lungo really did anything, so again, I tried brewing this pod just as a Lungo, then topping up with water to make up the difference.

    With the Filter Style Mild pod, there was little change in taste, but with this one, the differences were more noticable (albeit still subtle). It's very slightly milder and nuanced, but I'm happy to report that all the nice spicy notes are still there, and there is almost a double sweetness to it.

    I almost like this more than the regular brew method. Very satisfying - 5/5!

    Having tried Nespresso's Filter Style Intense coffee on its own previously, and knowing that it's quite strong, I wondered how it would taste alongside milk - Here I brewed it as a flat white - Just milk and coffee, no frothing or anything.

    It came out quite bitter, but well balanced - You can detect both coffee and milk and neither overwhelms the other. I sweetened it very slightly with just a third of my usual sweetener to take the edge off the bitterness, and it became perfect! 4.5/5 - I absolutely love the versatility of this pod!

    Here's another pod from Nespresso's Barista Creations Filter Style series - The Filter Style Intense is a robust discovery, boasting strong, roasty aromas that captivate your senses from the moment you break open the foil. This intense variant delivers a decidedly richer experience than its mild counterpart.

    A tantalizing combination of intense spiciness and deep, roasted undertones, this brew is richly nuanced without becoming overwhelming. The taste holds a remarkable balance, with the bitterness kept in check by just the right mix of acidity and sweetness, leaving a subtly bitter aftertaste.

    This pod also reveals a light nutty flavor and a pleasing complexity, its presence becoming all the more appreciated in a larger cup. In essence, the Filter Style Intense sets a new benchmark for big cups of coffee from the Nespresso machine.

    Overall Rating: 5/5 - Truly a stand-out in its category.

    The manufacturer describes this pod as one with a velvety texture, a sandalwood finish, a honeyed sweetness, and smoky earthy notes, each adding to the symphony of flavors this pod delivers.

    Cupping Method:This Nespresso capsule review was added to Coffee Roast with the permission of coffeepodthoughts. See profile for more information.

    8 months ago · See more from Coffee Pod

More Details

Roast Level: Dark
Dark roast coffee features a more intense, robust flavor profile due to its longer roasting time. Therefore, when selecting a dark roast, expect less acidity, a full body, and flavors like dark chocolate, smokiness, and a hint of bitterness.
Bean Source Country: Americas Blend
Latin American coffee beans often have flavor profiles characterized by bright acidity, medium to light body, and fruity or nutty notes.

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Nespresso is a coffee roaster from Lausenne, Switzerland. We have 44 cataloged roasts with 34 total reviews with a score of 3.79.

International Rank: #769 out of 771
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