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Tanzania Shilanga

Roaster Location: Flag of United States Rancho Cucamonga, California


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Roast Level: Light Medium
Bean Source Country: Tanzania
Process: Washed
Character: Full
Acidity: Bright
Farmers: The Shilanga Agricultural Marketing Cooperative and Society (AMCOS)
Altitude: 1650 Masl

Our newest Tanzania features a bang of bright notes with persimmons, sweet-tart candies and cherry tomatoes which we love from our African varietals. If we did not say it, you might think it was a Kenya. The Shilanga Agricultural Marketing Cooperative and Society (AMCOS) was founded on August 6, 1993, though back then it only received home-processed parchment from its members. In 2013, however, the group purchased a Penagos pulper and began producing washed coffees that have continued to increase in quality. A total of 193 farmers from the villages of Shilanga, Shomola, Welu, Igale and Ichesa contributed to this lot. During the harvest, they delivered cherries throughout the afternoon, and the AMCOS would pulp from early evening through midnight. After pulping, the beans were sorted using washing channels and then fermented without water for 24 to 36 hours. After this, they were washed in the washing channels—with water from the Ruanda River—soaked for 8 hours and then dried on raised beds for between 7 and 14 days. In 2019, the AMCOS received a Penagos ecopulper which reduces wastewater and enhances quality. Looking ahead, it is working toward building new drying tables.

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Roast Level: Light Medium
A Light Medium Roast coffee, sometimes referred to as a "City Roast" or "American Roast," lies between a light and medium roast. This roast level strikes a balance by preserving the coffee bean's unique characteristics while allowing for a moderate development of body and flavor. The beans have a medium brown color, exhibiting a slight sheen of oils, providing a more balanced and nuanced flavor profile. A Light Medium Roast typically highlights the coffee's inherent fruity, floral, or citrus notes, while also providing some of the deeper, richer flavors associated with medium roasts.
Bean Source Country: Tanzania
Tanzanian specialty coffee is known for its bright acidity and fruity notes. Tanzania has high altitudes, such as the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, that allow for rich flavor development. Tanzania is known for its peaberry coffee, formed when one seed develops inside the coffee cherry instead of the usual two. Peaberry beans are prized for their intense flavor and, paired with Tanzanian's unique terrain, make for a specialty coffee drinker's dream.

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