Captain Cecil's
Yemen Khulani Amer

Roaster Location: Flag of United States North Eastham, Massachusetts


Bean Source Country: Yemen
Process: Dry

1400-2500 M.A.S.L
Yemen: Khulan Amer district, Sa'ada

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Bean Source Country: Yemen
With a history dating back centuries, Yemeni coffee is prized for its distinct, wine-like qualities, intense flavors, and fruity, spicy, or chocolatey notes. Grown on terraced hillsides and processed using traditional methods, Yemeni beans such as Mokha and Ismaili are rare and highly sought after by aficionados.

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Captain Cecil's is a coffee roaster from North Eastham, MA United States. We have 3 cataloged roasts with 0 total reviews with a score of 0.

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