Captain Cecil's
Timor Leste Lekisala

Roaster Location: Flag of United States North Eastham, Massachusetts


Bean Source Country: Timor-leste
Process: Wet

Region: Lekisala
Dark roast
Wet process
1400-1800 M.A.S.L

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Bean Source Country: Timor-Leste
Specialty coffee from Timor Leste (formerly East Timor), a small Southeast Asian nation, is cherished for its distinctive flavors and rare hybrid coffee varieties. Grown in the country's high-altitude regions in volcanic soil, often usually organic techniques, these coffees often boast earthy, spicy, herbal notes with a hint of cocoa.

Best Rated Roasts of Captain Cecil's

Captain Cecil's is a coffee roaster from North Eastham, MA United States. We have 3 cataloged roasts with 0 total reviews with a score of 0.

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