Vittoria Coffee
Family Cup Nespresso Capsule

Roaster Location: Flag of Australia Silverwater


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Roast Level: Light Medium
Varietal: Arabica

Lightly roasted to first crack, this bright blend of 100% Arabica beans has sweet citrus flavours and a smooth body preserving the unique fruity characteristics of each origin.

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  • Coffee Pod Thoughts

    79 roasts rated, avg score of 3.23

    4.00 - Average

    In a previous review, I tried the Vittoria Coffee Family Cup capsules as espresso and found it to be a bit too acidic for my taste. This time, I decided to give them a try as an Americano, adding just a bit of extra water for a total of approximately 80ml.

    The additional water tempered down the acidity, allowing the natural scents of the coffee to come through more prominently. Although the "cucumbery" aroma may not seem like a conventional coffee trait, it was surprisingly pleasant in this context, and its presence was magnified in the Americano. There was still some bitterness in the flavor, but it was less pronounced than before.

    Considering these factors, I'm giving the Vittoria Coffee Family Cup capsules an overall rating of 4/5 when brewed as an Americano. This method offers a slight improvement over the espresso experience, making it a more enjoyable and balanced drink.

    Cupping Method:Recommend serving as an Americano. This Nespresso capsule review was added to Coffee Roast with the permission of coffeepodthoughts. See profile for more information.

    8 months ago · See more from Coffee Pod

More Details

Roast Level: Light Medium
A Light Medium Roast coffee, sometimes referred to as a "City Roast" or "American Roast," lies between a light and medium roast. This roast level strikes a balance by preserving the coffee bean's unique characteristics while allowing for a moderate development of body and flavor. The beans have a medium brown color, exhibiting a slight sheen of oils, providing a more balanced and nuanced flavor profile. A Light Medium Roast typically highlights the coffee's inherent fruity, floral, or citrus notes, while also providing some of the deeper, richer flavors associated with medium roasts.
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