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La Cabra Coffee

Flag of Denmark Aarhus
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La Cabra Coffee is a modern specialty coffee roaster established in Aarhus, Denmark in 2012. They started in a small shop far from the city centre, a dedicated team aiming to offer something new and exciting to Aarhus, which already had a strong and established coffee drinking culture. Quickly, this dedication to providing outstanding coffee experiences turned into obsession - with a fast growing industry that was slowly spanning the globe. Curious about what lay further down the coffee chain, they threw themselves into sourcing and roasting their own coffee, their own way, in 2013. Part of the advantage of growing in a small town is a relative lack of external influence, allowing them to forge an honest and novel approach to coffee. This honesty and dedication led to a reputation at home in Aarhus, where a passionate team now runs 2 coffee bars, a bakery and a roastery. Attention also began to trickle in from further afield, and today La Cabra is a widely recognised and sought after coffee roaster, and they work with many valued and quality driven wholesale partners to create bright and transparent coffee experiences in cities across the globe.

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La Cabra Coffee is a coffee roaster from Aarhus, Denmark. We have 1 cataloged roasts with 1 total reviews with a score of 5.00.

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  • Q Reviews

    59 roasts rated, avg score of 4.44

    5.00 - Average

    On the dry aroma its quite layered and complex. Theres a lovely familiar cinder toffee note off the beans when you open the bag then from the grounds theres Brown Sugar, Apricot, Milk Chocolate and Caramel at the break.

    The flavour is excellent. Lots more brown sugar sweetness and stone fruit, a hint of
    apple pie, some raisin, maybe blood orange acidity, citrus and a black tea note, its very, very clean, bright, malic, and juicy, very satisfying. Plenty of body and very well balanced.

    Its quite an archetypal coffee in that its much like lots of other washed Burundian Coffees (and washed Rwandan coffees for that matter) that Ive cupped, but you dont often get this level of clarity, aromatics, structure and complex sweetness.

    A very fine example of washed Burundian Bourbon.

    Cupping Method:Follow @the_qreview on Instagram for photos and the full post.

    1 month ago · See more from Q · Social link
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