81301 Coffee House and Roasters
Morning Stoke Blend

Roaster Location: Flag of United States Durango, Colorado


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Roast Level: Dark
Bean Source Country: International Blend

This medium, dark blend is a local favorite. No matter what brew method you use, this coffee will get the job done.

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Roast Level: Dark
Dark roast coffee features a more intense, robust flavor profile due to its longer roasting time. Therefore, when selecting a dark roast, expect less acidity, a full body, and flavors like dark chocolate, smokiness, and a hint of bitterness.
Bean Source Country: International Blend
International blend coffee refers to a blend of coffee beans sourced from different regions or countries worldwide. International blends combine beans with distinct flavor profiles and characteristics, resulting in a harmonious and complex cup of coffee. The quality of an international blend depends on the expertise of the coffee roaster, who carefully selects and combines beans to achieve a specific flavor and balance. Roasters who excel in crafting international blends have a deep understanding of the different growing regions, varietals, and processing methods.

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81301 Coffee House and Roasters is a coffee roaster from Durango, CO United States. We have 10 cataloged roasts with 0 total reviews with a score of 0.

Name Roast Level Bean Source
- Indonesia
- Guatemala
- Ethiopia
- International Blend


- Colombia

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