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Portuguese-based exporter with heavy focus on capsule formats

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Bicafe is a coffee roaster from Porto, Portugal. We have 1 cataloged roasts with 1 total reviews with a score of 1.50.

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  • Coffee Pod Thoughts

    79 roasts rated, avg score of 3.23

    1.50 - Average

    The Premium Bicafe (Blue N12) pod, despite its enticingly discounted price (at under 20 cents a capsule!), presents an off-putting aroma reminiscent of expended coffee grounds even before brewing.

    It is quite common to experience the "clear start" problem with this pod - Having just water dispensed at the beginning. Upon brewing, a fleeting moment of a nice aroma gives way rapidly to a pervasive earthiness and chalkiness.

    The taste experience continues to be perplexing. A potent acidity is intertwined with a faint, ephemeral scent in the mouth, vanishing almost as quickly as it appears and leaving behind the dominant earthy flavor. The brew concludes on a bitter and acidic note.

    Cupping Method:This Nespresso capsule review was added to Coffee Roast with the permission of coffeepodthoughts. See profile for more information.

    9 months ago · See more from Coffee Pod
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