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Stoll Kaffee

Flag of Switzerland Zürich
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In 1936, Oskar Stoll founded the Stoll Kaffee company in his parents' house in Zurich's Seefeld. Word quickly got around that Stoll coffee stands for excellent quality and the best service. In 1972 the company had grown so much that more space was needed and it moved to Manesseplatz, where Stoll Kaffee is still based today. Stoll Kaffee has always been a family business that owes its success to the sustainable business ethic that has been passed down from father to son since it was founded. In 2011, Walter Stoll, third-generation owner of Stoll Kaffee, handed over the company to the Amann family. This family, which represents the same values ​​and shares a similar history, has set itself the goal of continuing the Stoll brand in the same way that the Stoll family has done over the past decades with so much passion and love for coffee.

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Stoll Kaffee is a coffee roaster from Zürich, Switzerland. We have 0 cataloged roasts with 0 total reviews with a score of 0.

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