Roastopus Coffee Roastery


Roastopus Coffee Roastery

Flag of Hungary Kaposvár
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Our team consists of three internal members and several external participants. Balázs is responsible for the creation of the coffees with the assistance of external expert Zoltán Kis (holistik coffee). The two of them provide you with the maximum taste experience and the momentum to continue the day. Gabi provides administrative and marketing background support for the roaster's office in order to ensure that all orders reach you smoothly, and that not only you, but also the various inspection authorities are satisfied with the quality of our service. The third member of our team is Ákos, who as the financial controller of Roastopus supervises our current developments and plans the financial schedule of our next steps. We would like to thank our volunteer helpers for their cooperation, who contributed to the realization of this project and the real experience of drinking coffee for more and more people.

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Roastopus Coffee Roastery is a coffee roaster from Kaposvár, Hungary. We have 0 cataloged roasts with 0 total reviews with a score of 0.

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