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Karma Kaffe

Flag of Denmark Odense
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Our coffee is roasted in one of Denmark's oldest roasteries, where the emphasis is on good craftsmanship, roasting traditions and care. We generally define freshly roasted coffee as coffee that can be enjoyed in the full spectrum of the "golden period", which ranges from 2-4 days after the roasting date and 2-3 weeks ahead. It is during this period that the coffee contains the greatest concentration of aromas, dimensions, tones and nuances. This does not mean that the coffee is only worth drinking during the first 2-3 weeks. We guarantee that our coffee offers really good taste experiences up to three months from the roasting date - but the coffee is only at its absolute best within the first two to three weeks.

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Karma Kaffe is a coffee roaster from Odense, Denmark. We have 0 cataloged roasts with 0 total reviews with a score of 0.

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