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It all started in 2014 with a van that, for two years, brought specialty coffee to various stops, including festivals, markets and streets in general. Since last year, the Combi has been a fixed-space cafeteria and for some months now also a factory where green beans have been roasted, both for consumption in the house and for selling. Mondays are roasting days, which customers can enjoy as the roaster is in the back room, separated by a glass and with open doors. It is Gonçalo Gonzy - one of the founders of the house, along with his brother Francisco Cardoso and João Vilar (who, meanwhile, left the project) - who sits the roost, controlling the whole process. Roasting for the house blend, a blend of Arabicas from Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala. Once roasted, the coffee must rest three days before being served or packaged. The thing that has changed since opening was the food offering. The space has no kitchen, but prepares toast and various refreshments. The cakes all come from the renowned Nova Real confeitaria.

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