Jamaica Blue Mountain

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Bean Source Country: Jamaica
Bean Source Region: Blue Mountains

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Bean Source Country: Jamaica
Jamaican coffee, particularly the renowned Blue Mountain variety, is celebrated for its exceptional quality, smooth taste, and bright acidity. Grown in the high elevations of the Blue Mountains, these beans, usually the Typica varietal of Arabica, exhibits a well-balanced flavor profile featuring mild sweetness, floral notes, and a hint of nuttiness. Combining rich volcanic soil and abundant rainfall contributes to Jamaican coffee's unique characteristics and prestige.
Bean Source Region: Blue Mountains
Jamaica's Blue Mountains boast a majestic and diverse terrain that creates an ideal environment for coffee cultivation. The range, which spans across the eastern portion of the island, is characterized by its steep slopes, dense forests, and misty, cloud-covered peaks that can reach elevations of over 7,400 feet. The mountainous terrain has rich, well-drained volcanic soil, which imparts a distinctive minerality. The high elevation, combined with cool yet humid conditions, results in a slow maturation of the coffee cherries, allowing for the development of complex flavors and a smooth, mild acidity. Ample natural shade provided by the surrounding forests and the consistent rainfall and temperate climate further contribute. As a result, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has a smooth and well-balanced flavor profile, characterized by mild acidity, a clean and bright taste with notes of chocolate, nuttiness, and floral undertones, culminating in a long, satisfying finish.

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