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  • The dry powder has a pronounced aroma, reminiscent of flowers. Even when it's sealed in my grinder, I can detect the scent of coffee. The brew has a full body without any bitterness, and the taste of green fruits is distinctly bright. As the sip dries in my mouth, a delightful sweetness emerges, at which point I can discern the taste of honey.

    *I always enjoy my "coffee water," which involves adding some water to the mug after I've finished my coffee. I must say, the mixture with this particular coffee is one of the best.

    Cupping Method:Pouring over

    Rated: 5.00
    5 months ago · See more
  • Jamaican Blue Mountain Style Zabar’s
    Flag of United States New York City, New York


    It's quite surprising that this coffee is roasted in the Jamaica Blue Mountain style. The aroma of the dry powder indeed evokes the deep, dark, and rich scent characteristic of that region. However, despite not being able to extract a robust flavor profile, it doesn't taste like it's from dark roasted beans. The balance is impressive, especially considering its full body. The aftertaste is notably sweet and very pleasant.

    Cupping Method:Pouring over

    Rated: 4.00
    5 months ago · See more
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